About Us: Trainy Brainy

"Curiouser and curiouser!' cried Alice.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

Lewis Carroll

All children have one thing in common – they are born curious. What do we, parents, do with this thirst
for curiosity? We fill our children’s lives with opportunities. Opportunities to discover and open new
doors, to see the world around them and question (or maybe even understand) how it works. We give
them a chance to wonder and learn. We provide experiences and set their environment. We provoke
thoughtfulness and stimulate imagination. We help them train their senses, muscles and brain to explore,
captivate and appreciate the wonders of life.

Trainy Brainy’s goal is to materialize these ‘opportunities to discover’ in the form of playthings. Trainy
Brainy is the only toy store in the USA specializing in educational toys for children 0-5 years old. The
founders of the store have dedicated years to gain experience in early childhood development, children
education, and parenthood. They truly commit their expertise to selecting the best educational toys for
Trainy Brainy’s customers.

Trainy Brainy offers smart playthings that promote learning for the youngest children from infants to
kindergarteners. The first five years of child’s life have enormous significance on the further development.
From the day a child is born to the day when he/she starts school, he has become an individual, a real
person, who learns, thinks and starts making decisions.

All Trainy Brainy’s toys for the children 0-5 years nurture their abilities, senses and skills. Our baby toys
develop tactile learning, motor skills, coordination, visual and sound reception. Our toys for toddlers
enhance mental and physical growth, teach problem solving and social skills. Our preschool toys prepare
the children not only for school, but for further learning endeavors.

Trainy Brainy works side by side with parents, educators and pediatric professionals to find the highest
quality affordable toys that combine superior educational and play value.

Let’s bring these awesome toys to our play rooms and feed our children’s natural curiosity with
appropriate learning experiences! Together we can raise intelligent and happy children!